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fluctuate between (something) and (something)

To move or shift between two things. Would you leave the thermostat alone? The temperature in here is only fluctuating between 70 and 72 anyway.
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fluctuate with (something)

To change as influenced by something in particular. My moods always seem to fluctuate with my hormone levels.
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fluctuate between (someone and someone else)

to waver between choosing one person and another. I am fluctuating between Sam and Tony as my choice. The manager fluctuated between Mary and Sarah as the new assistant.
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fluctuate between (something and something else)

to move between one thing and another; to change from one thing to another. Things seemed to fluctuate between the very good and the very bad. The temperature in here fluctuates between too hot and too cold.
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fluctuate with something

to vary in accord with something. The tides fluctuate with the phase of the moon. Frank's blood pressure fluctuates with his mood.
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A disadvantage of lake sediment records is that sedimentation in lakes can be influenced by factors not related to glacier fluctuations, for example landslides and floods.
The fact that more than 40% of the auditors did not extend tests, given an unexpected fluctuation and little corroboration for management's explanation, raises concerns about whether underauditing may occur even in a relatively high-risk setting.
Not fully considering the pattern reflected by several unusual fluctuations when trying to explain what caused them.
Second, inflation can explain the existence of the initial fluctuations.
These temperature fluctuations could signify wiggles or bumps in the fabric of space --a slight overdensity or underdensity of matter -- that with the help of gravity might eventually have given rise to the clumps of matter that became galaxies and galaxy clusters.
This is exactly what Professor Bandi found when he looked at the wind power fluctuations of all of the turbines in a wind plant in Texas.
It enabled the team to scrutinize more closely than ever before the primordial fluctuations imprinted on the microwave background.
The precise measurement and control of magnetic fields and magnetic field fluctuations is an important step for experiments searching for a permanent electric dipole moment (EDM) of the neutron, and is one of the main factors limiting the accuracy.
Large fluctuations in the solar wind affect our local space weather, predicting these is as challenging as predicting large changes in stock prices.
Owing to the higher number of flow volumes, the gear pump dampens the pressure fluctuations caused by the screw pump by a factor of up to 10.
Real-time measurements on the spatial and temporal fluctuations of single molecules in living cells, which are not possible using other methods, are a major goal of this initiative.
At the same time, strong fluctuations occurred in the power-distribution grid in southern Sweden, damaging capacitors and power cables.
Alvarez and Jermann measure the "marginal cost of consumption fluctuations," that is the benefit of a small reduction in consumption fluctuations.