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fluctuate between (someone and someone else)

to waver between choosing one person and another. I am fluctuating between Sam and Tony as my choice. The manager fluctuated between Mary and Sarah as the new assistant.
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fluctuate between (something and something else)

to move between one thing and another; to change from one thing to another. Things seemed to fluctuate between the very good and the very bad. The temperature in here fluctuates between too hot and too cold.
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fluctuate with something

to vary in accord with something. The tides fluctuate with the phase of the moon. Frank's blood pressure fluctuates with his mood.
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Small and medium businesses are the driving force of the economic growth in the EU and a fluctuating rate of exchange would smother them and would only benefit a few firms.
In the right ear, there was evidence of a fluctuating sensorineural hearing loss (figure 1B).
Do you find yourself hiring and firing people to keep up with fluctuating demands?
The business community considers that a fluctuating exchange rate would create more money for investments and the economy would liven up.
It just happens we are in a fluctuating market right now.
Fluctuating asymmetry and sexual selection in the dark-winged damselfly Calopteryx maculata.
While the impact of this driver is expected to be high throughout the forecast period, rising and fluctuating foam prices are likely to be of further help to the growth of the North American acoustic nonwovens markets.
Computer simulations now suggest that at moderate traffic volumes when vehicle flow should be relatively stable, a single car moving at randomly fluctuating speeds within a steady stream of traffic can by itself create waves of congestion that propagate down the road behind it.
The RSA has negotiated with several companies to provide heating oil to its members at a fluctuating price, which avoids the "sticky price syndrome," said Printz.
This volatility has predominantly been caused by fluctuating expenses.
Their efforts made it clear that the human form possesses fluctuating asymmetries - slight, random deviations fromtrue bilateral symmetry (SN: 1/21/95, p.
By trading these new Hedgelets, HedgeStreet members can offset risks associated with rising and/or fluctuating corn and soybean prices or speculate on the direction and degree production forecasts will change.
These differences add up to an individual's so-called fluctuating asymmetry -- fluctuating because there is no consistent trend for one side to be a particular way relative to the other, only for features to vary, Manning explains.
Researchers have now proposed an alternative strategy that involves gingerly "nudging" the erratically fluctuating, or chaotic, electrical output of a certain type of circuit into an appropriate pattern of voltage and current variations.
It involves continuous investing in securities regardless of fluctuating price levels.