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fluctuate between (something) and (something)

To move or shift between two things. Would you leave the thermostat alone? The temperature in here is only fluctuating between 70 and 72 anyway.
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fluctuate with (something)

To change as influenced by something in particular. My moods always seem to fluctuate with my hormone levels.
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fluctuate between (someone and someone else)

to waver between choosing one person and another. I am fluctuating between Sam and Tony as my choice. The manager fluctuated between Mary and Sarah as the new assistant.
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fluctuate between (something and something else)

to move between one thing and another; to change from one thing to another. Things seemed to fluctuate between the very good and the very bad. The temperature in here fluctuates between too hot and too cold.
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fluctuate with something

to vary in accord with something. The tides fluctuate with the phase of the moon. Frank's blood pressure fluctuates with his mood.
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''If the financial market fluctuates owing to structural reforms, we (the central bank) will step in to make it subside,'' Hayami told a TV program on NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corp.)
In terms of style, it fluctuates between a Rorschach blot, a kind of adolescent cartoonlike scrawl, and an almost medieval grotesqueness that recalls Pieter Bruegel's drunk and tormented peasants.
In using the option grant date to measure the value of the award, the FASB does not recognize the contingent nature of the compensation, which fluctuates with the value of the underlying stock." Bohan's approach, which he admits "is not really popular," would be to calculate the award's final value at the exercise date, when all factors are known.
When such loans are fluctuating demand loans, the AFR that must be charged also fluctuates (Sec.
Everyone's heart rate fluctuates from moment to moment in response to stress, breathing rate, and other factors, yet people differ in the range that this rate varies.
While the national real estate market experiences a slowdown and the stock market fluctuates wildly, an investment sales report issued by Jones Lang Wootton (JLW) shows that the New Jersey commercial real estate market is raging with activity.