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fluctuate between (something) and (something)

To move or shift between two things. Would you leave the thermostat alone? The temperature in here is only fluctuating between 70 and 72 anyway.
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fluctuate with (something)

To change as influenced by something in particular. My moods always seem to fluctuate with my hormone levels.
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fluctuate between (someone and someone else)

to waver between choosing one person and another. I am fluctuating between Sam and Tony as my choice. The manager fluctuated between Mary and Sarah as the new assistant.
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fluctuate between (something and something else)

to move between one thing and another; to change from one thing to another. Things seemed to fluctuate between the very good and the very bad. The temperature in here fluctuates between too hot and too cold.
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fluctuate with something

to vary in accord with something. The tides fluctuate with the phase of the moon. Frank's blood pressure fluctuates with his mood.
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Depending upon the number of hours worked in a week, the overtime rate can fluctuate quite dramatically from week to week.
They typically offer higher yields than cash reserves, but their value can fluctuate with the rise and fall of interest rates.
We will continue to leverage market conditions, and our level of sales may fluctuate in response to changing opportunities.
As their market values fluctuate with interest rates in the period between their issuance and maturity, so do their yields.
For demand loans with principal amounts that fluctuate during the year, the minimum interest rate is based on a month-by-month computation using the short-term applicable federal rate issued for each month.
Sri Lankan government is planning to introduce a mechanism that would enable the fuel adjustment surcharge on power bills to fluctuate in line with the global fuel prices.
Geothermal uses the Earth's natural heat just a few feet beneath the surface where it remains relatively constant throughout the year, even though the outdoor air temperature may fluctuate greatly with the change of seasons.
Observation: Because the value of the preferred and common stock may fluctuate, Ford's interest could reach 80% in the future.
The mowing and litter control work must be bid on a per acre basis as the amount of work required may fluctuate. The edging must be bid on a per linear foot basis as the amount of work required may fluctuate.
"We've locked in these providers' profit margin, and the price can fluctuate daily as the spot market goes up, but as the market trends downward, that is reflected as well."
Dow30 Five-day Chart Intra-day movement in the past few days has seen the Dow fluctuate between gains and losses, with very near-term support just below 9500.
Cummings's team found that the ghrelin in the blood of people who had had the surgery had plummeted from normal concentrations and didn't fluctuate before and after meals.
Rather than being a defense mechanism, tenant service should be a well-planned and consistently delivered program that doesn't fluctuate with the ever-changing marketplace.
The intensity of X rays should fluctuate at a rate related to the neutron star's spin.