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fluctuate between (someone and someone else)

to waver between choosing one person and another. I am fluctuating between Sam and Tony as my choice. The manager fluctuated between Mary and Sarah as the new assistant.
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fluctuate between (something and something else)

to move between one thing and another; to change from one thing to another. Things seemed to fluctuate between the very good and the very bad. The temperature in here fluctuates between too hot and too cold.
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fluctuate with something

to vary in accord with something. The tides fluctuate with the phase of the moon. Frank's blood pressure fluctuates with his mood.
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As their market values fluctuate with interest rates in the period between their issuance and maturity, so do their yields.
Investment return and market value of an investment in the Fund will fluctuate.
But our experience testing in the field shows that it does fluctuate.
One individual's heart rate may fluctuate between 59 and 61 beats per minute (bpm), while another's may swing between 50 and 70 bpm.
Marin County wildlife photographer Philip Greene said that egret flocks fluctuate regularly at nesting sites around the San Francisco Bay region.
Principal Risk Factors: The Fund invests principally in equity securities of companies in the infrastructure and utilities industry in various developed markets; accordingly the Fund's NAV will fluctuate with changes in the value of the Fund's holdings.