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blue flu

A fictional illness that is said to be affecting police officers when many of them call in sick to disrupt operations, especially where striking is illegal. (The police often wear blue uniforms, hence "blue.") If that many guys called in sick today, I suspect there's a blue flu going around.
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brown bottle flu

slang A hangover. I'm not surprised you have the brown bottle flu today—do you remember last night at the bar at all?
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diplomatic flu

1. A feigned claim of ill health used as a means of avoiding or absenting oneself from a political engagement of some kind. The senator's conspicuous absence from the debate was put down to the sudden contraction of a virus, but it is likely just a diplomatic flu so that he will not be forced to address recent allegations of tax fraud.
2. By extension, any claim of ill health used as an excuse to avoid an unpleasant or undesirable situation. Frustrated by her dead-end job, Janet contracted a diplomatic flu to takes some time off and reexamine her priorities.
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down with (an illness)

Sick with a particular illness, which is named after "with." I've been down with the flu all week and have barely gotten out of bed.
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struck down with (an illness)

1. Experiencing symptoms of a serious, severe, or otherwise incapacitating illness. Sara sounds really sick. I think she's been struck down by the flu. Being put on a ventilator is a terrifying reality for many people struck down with COVID-19.
2. Killed by such an illness. Back before vaccines, people used to be struck down with illnesses like measles and diphtheria all the time. Were people on the real Oregon Trail regularly struck down by cholera, or do we all just think that because it happened so often in the computer game?
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blue flu

1. n. an imaginary disease afflicting police officers who call in sick during a work stoppage or slowdown. (Journalistic. Occurs where strikes are illegal.) Another epidemic of the blue flu struck the city’s police officers early today.
2. n. a hangover. He was out late last night and has the blue flu.
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brown bottle flu

n. a hangover or sickness from drinking. (Probably from beer, which is often sold in brown bottles.) Wayne had a case of the brown bottle flu and didn’t make the meeting.
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* Avoid large crowds if you are sick or there is a local flu outbreak.
Most people with the flu are contagious from one day before symptoms appear until five to seven days after symptoms appear.
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Treatment for both cold and flu conditions consists of bed rest, liberal fluid intake, and analgesics--such as paracetamol and ibuprofen--and a decongestant to relieve fever, aches and pain, and nasal stuffiness.
Some symptoms of the flu include high fever, muscle pain, and cough and cold, the DOH said.
This means that a person can never develop a permanent immunity to flu. Even if he develops antibodies against a flu virus one year, those antibodies are unlikely to protect him against a new strain of the virus the next year.
"I never get vaccinated, and I never get the flu, so I don't need the shot": You just happened to get lucky.
The CDC recently estimated that more than 80,000 people died due to flu last year and some of those deaths included otherwise healthy people," said Dr.
Each year, the viruses most likely to cause flu are identified and the World Health Organisation (WHO) recommends which type of strains to include in the vaccine.
The drug, known by the name of Xofluza, is expected to be more effective than Tamiflu, an antiviral medicine used to treat the flu today.
Jane Devenish, pharmacist at Well Pharmacy, said: "The only way to catch flu is by being exposed to the flu virus, and the virus peaks in winter.
The forecasting information aims to help the public better prepare themselves for flu outbreaks, according to the agency.
When you catch the flu, the symptoms appear suddenly.
The FBiH Public Health Institute told FENA that a total of 19,632 people with flu-like symptoms have been recorded in the flu season, eight of which have so far been recorded as deceased.
Amid the grip of the country's worst influenza outbreak since 2009, several fatal cases of healthy people contracting the flu illustrate the power of this year's particularly deadly influenza strain. The active flu strains in the 2017-18 flu season have proven particularly deadly, with Americans dying at a higher rate than normal across the contiguous U.S.