flow from (something)

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flow from (something)

1. To stream or pour out of some thing or place. I'm no plumber, but all of the water flowing from that pipe doesn't seem like a good sign.
2. To arise from, originate in, or be triggered by something. I don't know, we started chatting, and the conversation just flowed from there—I looked up and two hours had passed!
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flow from something

to run out from something. The blood flowed from the wound on his hand and stained his shirt. The oil flowed from the cracked engine and made a mess on the floor.
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flow from

To originate in and develop from something; stem from: The second paragraph does not flow from the first in logical sequence. Many interesting discussions flowed from our initial conversation.
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Purchasers of these CMOs are entitled to the issuer's excess cash flows from the mortgage collateral over the amounts required for debt service and administrative expenses.
The value of the PC servicing streams is no different in kind thant the value of cash flows from an on-book asset.
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