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At moderate to high liquid loading wet gas flows they can fail completely and give no flow rate predictions whatsoever.
Before the dam moderated the Colorado's flow, water temperatures in the Grand Canyon ranged from O[degrees]C in the winter to 30[degrees]C in the summer.
Moreover, the securitization transaction allowed the insurers who owed LongMiller residual commissions to invest in a security backed by their commission cash flows.
The design for ideal flow conditions assumes a clean medium with a viscosity close to that of water.
According to Ayurvedic medicine, disorders of the upward flow of breath may be a factor in asthma, anxiety, insomnia and ringing of the ears.
Looking at the filling patterns in the simulation results, Lukezic saw two flow fronts converging with air pockets trapped in the middle with nowhere to escape.
For the dispersive rotor wing, a low helix angle was selected to maximize material flow per unit rotor wing length over the high shear region formed between the rotor wing tip and the inner housing wall.
By recognizing the various flows in a mold, one can more quickly separate product variations created by mold steel and process conditions from those caused by runner imbalance.
A more powerful approach is to link cash flows to operating variables, which allows us to calculate stock valuations directly from an operating executive's point of view.
As diagram B shows, the best explanation is the present value mechanism based on the time value theory of money concept from economics, which asserts that cash flows are more valuable when they occur more quickly, are larger and are more certain.
com, an equity research firm focused exclusively on cash flows, believes that some companies may choose to disguise the poor quality of their earnings by controlling the message, "while the cash flow statement required for analysis is filed much later, without any fanfare.
This occurs as high-speed air flows clown the sand-filled blowtubes.
The results of this empirical study of pulp flow suggest that increasing the liquid viscosity has the same effect as reducing pulp consistency.