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The key to accurately measuring wet gas flow is to understand how a metering system reacts to liquids flowing with the gas stream.
However, air flowing in the core easily exhausts through the large number of vents, and the core pressure remains near atmospheric.
The finishing operations differ from traditional EPDM in that it does not result in solid baled products, but lends itself to the production of free flowing, pelletized products.
In a typical eight-cavity, H-pattern mold, the flow will split again, with most of the high-shear, hotter, low-viscosity material flowing to one cavity on each tertiary runner section, which therefore fills first.
Computer simulations have the capability of capturing the action of a flowing melt every 1/20 of a second.
In the mass-flow method [ILLUSTRATION FOR FIGURE 3 OMITTED], the test part is pressurized and any leakage is compensated naturally by air flowing into the test part from the source, which can be a reference-volume reservoir pressurized along with the part or an air-supply line whose pressure is controlled by a regulator.
When the pressure source is closed off, any leakage in the test part is naturally compensated for by air flowing into it from the control reservoir.