flow with

flow with (something)

To move through someone or something, as of a liquid. I would never be able to fight in a war like Joe did—that guy's veins must flow with ice water. The streets were flowing with lava after that volcanic eruption.
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flow with something

to have some liquid coursing on the surface or within someone or something. The sewers were flowing with the floodwaters. Her veins must flow with ice water. She is so cold.
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* When Primary Flow % is equal to 100%, primary flow equals secondary flow with zero flow through decoupler.
* When Secondary Flow % is Equal to 100%, secondary flow equals primary flow with zero flow through decoupler.
The scope of stratified flow with mixed interface (stratified wavy flow) in experiment is very large; the proper explanation is that the low viscosities of both phases make it easier for drop entrainment to take place.
One of the biggest problems encountered in measuring natural gas flows occurs when liquids flow with the gas.
Attempting to meter wet gas flow with a gas flow meter can cause many problems.
The comparison of these images shows that the flow structure is significantly different, for the flow with and without oil, even though the images were taken at.
At the lowest mass flow rates presented, the flow with oil appears to be a flow while the flow of pure R134a at both the quality above and below the flow conditions of the oily case is in a Stratified-Wavy regime.
The higher flow with heliox only applies to areas where the flow remains laminar, and in these areas the flow is dependent on gas density with higher flow rates in the heliox flow volume loops.
levels (the lowest seven-day flow with a ten-year recurrence interval)
PHOTO : A tubular diffuser (left), now standard on Novatec modular hoppers, provides uniform air flow with no detectable hot or cold spots in the resin.
The expected increase in current flow with increase in carbon black surface area is illustrated in figure 2.