flow with

flow with something

to have some liquid coursing on the surface or within someone or something. The sewers were flowing with the floodwaters. Her veins must flow with ice water. She is so cold.
See also: flow
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One of the biggest problems encountered in measuring natural gas flows occurs when liquids flow with the gas.
Attempting to meter wet gas flow with a gas flow meter can cause many problems.
The expected increase in current flow with increase in carbon black surface area is illustrated in figure 2.
Encounter Test addresses these issues within the TSMC reference flow with the industry's most advanced, comprehensive test solution, including DFT, delay test, compression and diagnostics.
Line Design: Mathematically determines the logical production line layout required to manufacture products in a flow with repeatable, reliable production capability.
Flow adds an option for users to customize their output, allowing them to integrate documents from Flow with other applications, including existing content and knowledge management systems.
ChipX Structured ASIC Flow with the Magma RTL-to-GDSII Design System
Nasdaq:PDFS) have agreed on the preliminary terms whereby the two companies will create the first IC implementation flow with embedded capabilities for design for manufacturability (DFM) and design for yield (DFY).
Designers can use their familiar design flow with no need for cumbersome and capacity-limiting data exchange.
Leading intellectual property (IP) providers ARM and Artisan Components have agreed to allow the use of their IP products to facilitate the development of this flow with the ARM9E(TM) processor family working with Artisan's Metro(TM) Platform IP which is architected for low-power solutions.
Cadence is one of the first electronic design companies to launch an RTL-to-GDSII reference flow with SMIC.
Pelion's CFM suite combines the best of lean flow with MRP and links suppliers and customers directly to the factory floor.
LSI Logic has been using the crosstalk noise analysis components of Diamond SI as part of our FlexStream sign-off flow with excellent results.