flow across

flow across (something)

To move across something in a smooth, fluid manner, as of a liquid. Water from the melting ice flowed across the sidewalk.
See also: across, flow

flow across something

to stream or glide across something. A mass of cold air flowed across the city and froze us all. The floodwaters flowed across the fields and ruined the spring planting.
See also: across, flow
References in classic literature ?
To sundry it is given to be drawn away, and to be apart from the body for a season; for, as concerning rills which would flow across each other the weaker is borne along by the stronger, so there be certain of kin whose paths intersecting, their souls do bear company, the while their bodies go fore-appointed ways, unknowing.
The trial, which begins on February 10, aims to improve traffic flow across the city and reduce damage to the environment.
Business doesn't respect geographic boundaries, and financial information and services flow across state and international lines.
This deal also provides Morgan Stanley with new origination capabilities in the non-prime market, which we can build upon to provide access to high-quality product flow across all market cycles.
The standard system requires approximately 400cfm (cubic feet per minute) per ton to flow across the coils.
This includes quotes, purchase orders, change orders, sales orders and other key transactional documents as they are generated, and as they flow across various transactional systems and organizational boundaries.
That barrier increases air flow across the radiator to keep the engine cool.
The set consists entirely of calligraphy, including a tactile sense Of ink permeating paper as brushstrokes magically flow across a panel.
Wery's technique is unusual: She paints horizontally, letting the color flow across panels of wood or aluminum placed in troughs.
Critical to the successful head design is equalized flow across the head opening; such flow must be equalized under varying velocities and pressures.
The decorative colors ebb and flow across the white plastic sheeting.
Many network-equipment developers are frantically pursuing new ways to boost data flow across multimode connections.
Pictorial coverage of employee involvement in the Persian Gulf War continues to flow across my desk.