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flourish like a green bay tree

To thrive; to grow very successfully. The green bay tree is known to grow several new branches every year. Wow, you have just been flourishing like a green bay tree ever since you changed majors.
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flourish of trumpets

A musical fanfare. And when I enter, I want to be accompanied by a flourish of trumpets, OK?
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This view is in line with Aristotle's recognition of the role of external goods and fortune in flourishing.
Table 1 displays the mean, standard deviation and range of the four main variables from which it is evident that males and females differ slightly in meaningfulness, flourishing, resilience and grit.
Adam Smith once noted that societal flourishing is easy as a matter of principle.
I praise the author for his ambitious and needed contribution, and for provoking his readers to further articulate their theological reflection on flourishing in health, sickness, and disability.
So if everyone's flourishing hangs on a flourishing future, no one can flourish.
Can human flourishing be a relevant outcome in nursing education programs?
The Fourth National Festival on Innovation and Flourishing of the Victory of the Islamic Revolution kicked off work on Saturday, February 4, 2012 and ended on February 7, 2012.
The convergence of these vantage points provides a rich context for thinking about suffering: that of the flourishing life.
While the diagnostic categories for Major Depressive Episode include at least one symptom of anhedonia and four or more symptoms of malfunctioning, flourishing requires meeting one of two criteria for hedonia and six or more of eleven symptoms of positive functioning.
Finally, the authors argue that practical reason or prudence is essential to human flourishing.
As a boy I lived in Cherry Street - now the fire station - on Radford Road and spent many happy hours playing in the bomb-damaged centre of Coventry, but even then it was very rich and green in places with old orchards still flourishing.
Liberalism's problem is finding the foundation and structure to deal with this tension between each individual's liberty to pursue his own version of flourishing and the universality of liberalism's tenets.
present 14 essays that collectively seek to describe the bioethics of human flourishing by exploring the historical and contextual dimensions of ethical discourse and on the neglected phenomenological meaning of specific realms of human moral experience.
This center is flourishing in this under-served market.