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flourish like a green bay tree

To thrive; to grow very successfully. The green bay tree is known to grow several new branches every year. Wow, you have just been flourishing like a green bay tree ever since you changed majors.
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flourish of trumpets

A musical fanfare. And when I enter, I want to be accompanied by a flourish of trumpets, OK?
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Customers may purchase the Love Flourishes Forever stamp at The Postal Store at usps.
Having toured with Sleater-Kinney last fall, San Francisco's Quails embellish their second CD of kinetic, politicized garage rock with such unexpected flourishes as stand-up bass and trumpet parts.
The decentralization provided by these alternative outlets flourishes most strongly in a wealthy, commercial society.
In some canvases, the elaborate mirrors, keyholes, or architectural elements of which Reichman is so fond serve as sets and props; in others, these horror-vacui flourishes, painted in the black-limned, spectral hues of an animator's palette, become the primary subject of the canvases they fill.
Eakin Press of Austin, Texas, announces former White House deputy press secretary and special assistant Peter Roussel's fiction debut with the publication of his novel "Ruffled Flourishes.
How lovely it would be to think that despite Birmingham being a leading urban player on the national and European stage it can still support a wide range of wildlife, which flourishes on - rather than being subdued by - our rapidly evolving redevelopment programmes.
Another tall, fragrant shrub that flourishes in this region is Pittosporum tobira, a dense shrub or small tree with very glossy deep green foliage and fragrant white flowers that smell like citrus when they appear in spring.