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flourish like a green bay tree

To thrive; to grow very successfully. The green bay tree is known to grow several new branches every year. Wow, you have just been flourishing like a green bay tree ever since you changed majors.
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flourish of trumpets

A musical fanfare. And when I enter, I want to be accompanied by a flourish of trumpets, OK?
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"Receiving this Stevie[R] Award is a testament to the commitment of Trinity Services and all of the staff members who carry out its mission to helping people with developmental disabilities and mental illness flourish."
while, and looking getting it," in all, and flourish. "only "We need three more points to reach 50and we want to finish with a flourish Ash Berry
The veteran bowler said that bowling needs sponsors like Virtual Axis and personalities like Khawaja Ahmed Mustaqeem and his younger brother Khawaja Fawad, who are providing each and every facility, needed to promote and flourish this game.
The support and sense of community within the Flourish and Succeed group can be seen in Gemma's transformation - and felt as soon as you walk through the door.
After researching what products were available on the market, Ms Suddes founded Flourish Beauty, with the aim of selling make-up that combined natural ingredients with the luxury packaging she had come to expect while working in the industry.
We need to live among others in order to flourish, so what can a framework of responsibility tell us about how the political order ought to be structured?
'Jackanapes' is a cheeky chap with a flourish of yellow/orange and red flowers but with a tidier and more compact habit than some of the larger varieties such as 'Lucifer'.
M2 PHARMA-May 15, 2017-The US FDA awards approval for the new Flourish device device to treat esophageal birth defect in babies
M2 EQUITYBITES-May 15, 2017-The US FDA awards approval for the new Flourish device device to treat esophageal birth defect in babies
To flourish means to live within an optimal range of human functioning, one that connotes goodness, generativity, growth, and resilience (Fredrickson & Losada, 2005).
Zhang"), a shareholder and executive director of the Company, through his wholly-owned subsidiary Forever Flourish International Holdings Limited ("Forever Flourish"), purchased 400,000 shares on the market at an average price of HK$ 6.855 per share on 18 December 2015.
Synopsis: "Flourish: A Guide To Your Growth In God's Community" by Phil Rehberg is a compact guide to living your life in Christ.
From this "Barthian Thomism," Messer's main thesis in the second half of his book is that the ends, values, goals, or "goods" that evolutionary approaches found so elusive in the first half of the book can only be properly found in a Christocentric anthropology wherein health is seen as the "'strength for human life': the God-given ability to answer the summons to flourish as an embodied creature of this particular, human kind" (p.