flounder through

flounder through (something)

1. To have a hard time physically advancing through something. I floundered through the mud because my boots kept getting stuck.
2. To have a hard time enduring a challenging situation. I definitely floundered through that interview—I mean, I stumbled over everything I said!
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flounder through something

1. Lit. to struggle through something, such as a mire, swamp, etc. The Jeep floundered through the swamp without getting stuck. The horse floundered through the muddy field.
2. Fig. to struggle awkwardly through a difficult situation. We floundered through the performance. I don't know how we did it, but we did it. We just floundered through our presentation, hoping for a lot of questions.
See also: flounder, through
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Two nickel tagging pins were passed upwards from the blind side of the flounder through the dorsal musculature.