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flounce in (to some place)

to move into a place with exaggerated or jerky motions. A couple of teenagers flounced into the store and started examining the most expensive merchandise. They flounced in and caught the eye of the security guard.
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flounce out (of some place)

to bounce or bound out of some place. She turned up her nose and flounced out of the shop. She flounced out in anger.
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They're everywhere from subtle trims on tees and tops to full-on flouncing for dresses and skirts.
Phone lines between Buckingham Palace and the BBC are said to have been red-hot when the Beeb put out a trailer for a forthcoming programme appearing to show the Queen flouncing out of a session with American photographer Annie Liebowicz.
He eventually gave his real name, before flouncing off with the words: "I'll see you in court.
In I Say a Little Prayer, all of his conventions are displayed: characters with three names; confused, vain bisexuals; down-low charlatans; flouncing sissies; ghetto sisters and all-forgiving mamas.
I thought was more like Steve McQueen, but Seth [Green] is flouncing around the whole time.
Those fearing more boring rounds featuring disturbingly randy OAPs, can rest easy because this new game show will be focusing on young, pert competitors flouncing scantily clad around various exotic locations.
Like Diogenes of old, I go looking for a Man: not some bearded sob-sister flouncing out in his Birkenstocks for a nice soft brick of tofu, his balls annulled by Prozac and an assistant professorship.
Nedvigin, in flouncing skirt and hoop earrings, wields a mean gypsy tambourine in a variation from Petipa's Esmeralda, and Shamyraliev, partnered by Makarov, tosses his jet-black ringlets with passionate abandon in the pas de deux from the same ballet.
Perhaps the bashful baker is being punished by GBBO bosses for flouncing off to the States - and forgetting what side his bread was buttered.
Flouncing has also yet to finish outside the first three and must go well in the Brian Barnes 65th Birthday Celebration Median Auction Maiden Stakes.
Just three days after she arrived in the country with a short hairdo, she was flouncing around with long flowing locks.
At a very young age, she's got used to flouncing around the country spending money like it's going out of fashion.
Flouncing Chelsea gaffer Jose Mourinho plumped for The Bible, presumably because he likes to read the word of someOne he considers his equal.
Her ever cheerful pursuit of a singing career in the face of that most savage of misfortunes - she can't sing - is enough to put those flouncing Pop Idol rejects to eternal shame.
There's the flouncing Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen and tough-guy actor Ray Winstone, who tries to teach Sanjeev how to walk like a Cockney gangster before Sushila brands him a fairy.