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flounce in (to some place)

to move into a place with exaggerated or jerky motions. A couple of teenagers flounced into the store and started examining the most expensive merchandise. They flounced in and caught the eye of the security guard.
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flounce out (of some place)

to bounce or bound out of some place. She turned up her nose and flounced out of the shop. She flounced out in anger.
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A meniscal flounce is a single S-shaped wave or fold in the free edge of the meniscus that is considered to be a normal variant.
When such garments appear at auction they usually contain ecclesiastical clues, like the tamboured alb flounce featuring the Eucharist cup that sold, with other albs, for pounds 264 in Bonhams.
HEAR THIS: Myleene, who had hot affair with David (inset) is sounding off about band's stars; KYM; 'She is so jealous of her but they kiss like best pals'; DANNY; 'She thinks he is so dim and looks just like Shrek'; SUZANNE; 'She reckons she isn't the brightest tool in the box'; NOEL; 'She hates way he flounces round and acts difficult'
Dancing lessons and ballet get gently ragged, as with a teacher dressed entirely in pink flounces.
Her orange skirt flounces around her knees,, and her collar flaps in the wind.
Inspired by classic love stories such as Jane Eyre and Romeo And Juliet, designers look set to continue their love affair with frills and flounces.
The collection includes skirts with flirty pleats, flounces and godet details, as well as draped skirts and A-line skirts with oblique dimensions.
EMMERDALE ITV1 7pm Katie and Declan's sister Megan (above) are probably never going to be friends, but when Meg organises a business lunch at Home Farm to get friends Jai and Nikhil to invest in the festival, she insults Katie, who flounces out.
The scheming minx flounces out of the house and sets about trying to get her claws back into Billy.
The newest varieties are called space agers, featuring blossom shapes called flounces, horns or spoons.
We have the internet and a houseful of books but when I ask her about her coursework and try to point her in the right direction she gets all huffy and flounces out, saying it's her work and her future and she doesn't need our help.
Velour Pilleaux (Ghiselin) as Von Rothbart flounces his spangled crimson cape menacingly.
Designate the lower pieces as the front and back flounces.