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the floss

A dance move involving swaying the hips from side to side while simultaneously moving the arms in the opposite direction and in front of and behind the hips. All my students are doing the floss now, and I still don't know how to do the Dougie.
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butt thong

and butt floss
n. a thong bathing costume. (Mildly objectionable.) You’re not going to wear that butt thong in public are you? My mother called my bathing suit “butt-floss!”
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butt floss

See also: butt, floss
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Tung's also contends that its floss is gentler on gums than other flosses on the market.
Fluoride release from NaF and AmF impregnated toothpicks and dental flosses in vitro and in vivo.
One problem with other flosses is that they can hang up or tangle where teeth have tight contact.
For people with tightly spaced teeth, manufacturers offer fine flosses; for those with larger gaps between their teeth, there's a variety of thicker, woven flosses, and people who have had extensive dental work can get floss that is waxed or shred-resistant.
Suppliers have done their part to make flossing as convenient as possible, introducing flosses in every conceivable variety to meet the different needs of different consumers.
Other power-assisted flosses on the market include Gillette Co.
Consumers also have more kinds of flosses to choose from these days, with different varieties aimed at different needs.