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the floss

A dance move involving swaying the hips from side to side while simultaneously moving the arms in the opposite direction and in front of and behind the hips. All my students are doing the floss now, and I still don't know how to do the Dougie.
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butt thong

and butt floss
n. a thong bathing costume. (Mildly objectionable.) You’re not going to wear that butt thong in public are you? My mother called my bathing suit “butt-floss!”
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butt floss

See also: butt, floss
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Subjects were randomly assigned to one of four groups: Group I used a water flosser plus sonic toothbrush (WFS), Group 2 used a sonic toothbrush (SPP), Group 3 used a sonic toothbrush (SF), and Group 4 used a manual toothbrush (MT).
The Xylifloss dental flosser, which is said to be the only product of its kind that features Xylitol - a natural ingredient that reduces plaque formation and helps curb the development of cavities, was introduced to the US market in January.
The flosser is the first of several "game-changers" the company expects to introduce in oral health, said Alan Kaufman, marketing vice president.
Waterpik[R] recently introduced a new product called Complete Care, a combination of the Waterpik[R] Water Flosser and Sensonic[R] Toothbrush, which is clinically proven to be up to 70% more effective than a leading sonic toothbrush.
Water Pik is a water flosser brand and replacement shower head brand in the US.
While more than 200 products carry the ADA Seal of Acceptance, the Waterpik Water Flosser is the first and only powered interdental product to earn the ADA seal.
There is nothing else like Majestic's Proxi-Plus interdental brushes with bonus flosser," says Fishman.
Plackers has also introduced the Flosser Friend, a monkey-shape flosser holder for storing flossers.
Not that it's stopped Jo from claiming for her eyeliner and tooth flosser.
99 (Boots)What they say: This battery- operated flosser is clinically proven to be as effective as its manual counterpart.
1-selling temporary dental cement, as well as denture repair products Repair-It and Reline-It; tooth desensitizer SenzAway; and Proxi-Plus, said to be the only interdental brush that has a bonus flosser on the opposite end.
Proxi-Plus is a single use, hygienic interdental brush with a bonus flosser on the end.
There are now electronic flossers available too - check out the Philips Air Flosser, which is very easy to use.
And that's now become a lot easier thanks to the Waterpik nano Water flosser - a home-use dental water jet.
WaterPik will also show a low-cost version of the Automatic Flosser with Whitening Tips.