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floor (one)

To cause one a great deal of shock, surprise, or disbelief. Her accusations totally floored me. How on earth could she think that I had been stealing from the company? The severity of the losses floored the board of directors.
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the floor

The right or opportunity to speak in a group, especially at a formal event or gathering. Please, Dr. Dunstaple, your colleague has the floor. You'll have the opportunity to reply when he has finished speaking. Let's give someone else the floor for a bit, shall we? You've had plenty of time to give your opinion.
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Fig. the exclusive right to address the audience. (*Typically: get ~; have ~; hold ~; grant someone~.) When I get the floor, I'll make a short speech. The last time you had the floor, you talked for an hour.

floor someone

to surprise and astound someone. His brashness simply floored me!
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References in classic literature ?
Bradley strode across the floor, seized the man by his shoulders and shook him.
Bradley made no reply but commenced a diligent examination of the walls and floor of the room, pressing over each square foot and tapping with his knuckles.
Here is my sword at your feet," and drawing his weapon I-Gos cast it to the floor in front of Gahan.
Tara sat up and looked about and at the same instant a huge eunuch leaped to his feet from where he had been lying on the floor close by that side of the dais farthest from Gahan.
Slowly he groped his way along, feeling with his hands upon the tunnel's walls, and cautiously with his feet ahead of him upon the floor before he could take a single forward step.
Jav, your faithful Jav, but just this instant entered the apartment to find you lying prone upon the floor and these two strangers about to leave.
Along one side of the room ran a narrow gallery, a few feet from the floor; into which gallery the cattle were driven by men with goads which gave them electric shocks.
The effect was marvelous, for, as I lightly sidestepped, after delivering the second blow, he reeled and fell upon the floor doubled up with pain and gasping for wind.
We could make out a bed, and a table, and two old chairs, and lots of things around about on the floor, and there was clothes hanging against the wall.
This first floor, containing Mrs Brooks's best apartments, had been taken by the week by the d'Urbervilles.
Then he was dragged backward upon the floor, a heavy body fell upon him, powerful teeth fastened themselves in his jugular, his head whirled in the sudden blackness which rims eternity--a moment later the ape rose from his prostrate form; but Condon did not know--he was quite dead.
Through three other chambers and past three more massive doors, at each of which her guard was changed, the girl was conducted before she was ushered into a comparatively small room, back and forth across the floor of which paced a man in a scarlet tunic, upon the front and back of which was embroidered an enormous parrot and upon whose head was a barbaric headdress surmounted by a stuffed parrot.
A human head dropped from his nerveless grasp on the floor, and rolled to Henry's feet.
He sat motionless on the windowsill, his head cocked to the side, with one unwavering eye regarding on the floor, so perilously near, the eternal enemy of all his kind.
She turned her huge back in tremendous disdain and climbed the stairs to the next floor.