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floor (one)

To cause one a great deal of shock, surprise, or disbelief. Her accusations totally floored me. How on earth could she think that I had been stealing from the company? The severity of the losses floored the board of directors.
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the floor

The right or opportunity to speak in a group, especially at a formal event or gathering. Please, Dr. Dunstaple, your colleague has the floor. You'll have the opportunity to reply when he has finished speaking. Let's give someone else the floor for a bit, shall we? You've had plenty of time to give your opinion.
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Fig. the exclusive right to address the audience. (*Typically: get ~; have ~; hold ~; grant someone~.) When I get the floor, I'll make a short speech. The last time you had the floor, you talked for an hour.

floor someone

to surprise and astound someone. His brashness simply floored me!
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The survey found that 68% of members are struggling to hire bricklayers, 63% carpenters and joiners, 48% reported difficulties hiring plumbers and electricians, 46% plasterers and 30% floorers.
The CITB (citb.co.uk) has everything you need to know about every job required on a building site, from carpenters and floorers to ceiling fixers and scaffolders.
Until now, screed layers, floorers and tilers have relied on traditional inspection methods such as a caliber, a spirit level and a water level gage to check the evenness of a floor, or they have used rotation and line lasers to do so.
Work-related musculoskeletal symptoms on of neck and shoulder are found in crane operators, insulators, and painters, and of lower back and lower extremity symptoms for roofers and floorers.
It's apparently a polite way of saying, "You were singing in some strange pitch that had nothing to do with the music." Or it might mean, "You kept changing pitch." It's an all-purpose criticism, and I find that I've started using it in reference to all sorts of things, like the way my new carpet was installed by those cut-rate floorers.