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floor (one)

To cause one a great deal of shock, surprise, or disbelief. Her accusations totally floored me. How on earth could she think that I had been stealing from the company? The severity of the losses floored the board of directors.
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the floor

The right or opportunity to speak in a group, especially at a formal event or gathering. Please, Dr. Dunstaple, your colleague has the floor. You'll have the opportunity to reply when he has finished speaking. Let's give someone else the floor for a bit, shall we? You've had plenty of time to give your opinion.
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Fig. the exclusive right to address the audience. (*Typically: get ~; have ~; hold ~; grant someone~.) When I get the floor, I'll make a short speech. The last time you had the floor, you talked for an hour.

floor someone

to surprise and astound someone. His brashness simply floored me!
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References in classic literature ?
Slowly he groped his way along, feeling with his hands upon the tunnel's walls, and cautiously with his feet ahead of him upon the floor before he could take a single forward step.
Again he commenced his groping advance; but this time he had gone but a short distance when he emerged into a room, which was lighted through an opening in the ceiling, from which a flight of concrete steps led downward to the floor of the chamber.
Thuvia and Carthoris did not need to look at the floor to be aware of the strange movement that was taking place.
At first the movement, being gradual, was scarce noticeable; but presently the angle of the floor became such that one might stand easily only by bending one knee considerably.
First there came the "butcher," to bleed them; this meant one swift stroke, so swift that you could not see it--only the flash of the knife; and before you could realize it, the man had darted on to the next line, and a stream of bright red was pouring out upon the floor. This floor was half an inch deep with blood, in spite of the best efforts of men who kept shoveling it through holes; it must have made the floor slippery, but no one could have guessed this by watching the men at work.
After they were through, the carcass was again swung up; and while a man with a stick examined the skin, to make sure that it had not been cut, and another rolled it tip and tumbled it through one of the inevitable holes in the floor, the beef proceeded on its journey.
Suddenly the panel flew inward, nearly precipitating the man to the floor. It was hinged at the bottom, and when lowered the outer edge rested upon the perch, making a little platform parallel with the floor of the room.
"Until I am slain," she cried, "I shall fight against you all." From the throat of the Wieroo issued that dismal wail that Bradley had heard so often in the past--it was like a scream of pain smothered to a groan--and then the thing leaped upon the girl, its face working in hideous grimaces as it clawed and beat at her to force her to the floor.
I think he has been hurt with a knife--a lot of blood had run down upon the floor!"
Then he dropped upon his hands and knees and examined the floor. Lighting the lamp he moved the bed to one side and, inch by inch, he felt over the entire floor.
Inlaid in the floor were golden parrots, while, as thickly as they could be painted, upon the ceiling were brilliant-hued parrots with wings outspread as though in the act of flying.
A human head dropped from his nerveless grasp on the floor, and rolled to Henry's feet.
He saw a sleeping dais near the center, with a darker blotch of something lying on the marble floor beside it.
He sat motionless on the windowsill, his head cocked to the side, with one unwavering eye regarding on the floor, so perilously near, the eternal enemy of all his kind.
The mother slowly gathered herself up from the floor. Her eyes glittered menacingly upon her children.