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flood in

 (to something)
1. Lit. [for a fluid] to flow quickly into something in great volume. The water flooded in and soaked the carpets.
2. Fig. [for large amounts or numbers or people or things] to pour or rush into something. The people flooded into the hall. We opened the door, and the dogs and cats flooded in.
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flood out

 (of something)
1. Lit. [for water or something that flows] to rush out of something. The water flooded out of the break in the dam.
2. Fig. [for people] to rush out of something or some place. The people flooded out of the theater, totally disgusted with the performance.
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flood someone or something out of something

 and flood someone or something out
[for too much water] to force someone or something to leave something or some place. The high waters flooded them out of their home. The high waters flooded out a lot of people.
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flood someone or something with something

to cover or inundate someone or something with something. We flooded them with praise and carried them on our shoulders. The rains flooded the fields with standing water.
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in full flow


in full flood

1. If an activity, or the person who is performing the activity, is in full flow or in full flood, the activity has started and is being done with a lot of energy and enthusiasm. When she's in full flow, she often works right through the night. To hear the drum and bass of the Barrett brothers in full flow is a real treat for long-time fans. A campaign of public accusation is now in full flood. Note: You can also say that someone or something is in full spate. With family life in full spate, there were nevertheless some times of quiet domesticity.
2. If someone is in full flow or in full flood, they are talking quickly and for a long time. A male voice was in full flow in the lounge. Vicki was in full flood on the subject of her last boyfriend, a fellow lawyer she'd met at a charity ball.
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be in full flood

1 (of a river) be swollen and overflowing its banks. 2 have gained momentum; be at the height of activity.
2 1991 Journal of Theological Studies There is too much detail for comfort…which is somewhat confusing when exposition is in full flood.
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in full flow

1 talking fluently and easily and showing no sign of stopping. 2 performing vigorously and enthusiastically.
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ˌflood the ˈmarket

offer for sale large quantities of a product, often at a low price: Importers flooded the market with cheap toys just before Christmas.
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be in ˈfloods (of ˈtears)

(informal) be crying a lot: She was in floods of tears after a row with her family.
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flood out

To force something out or away from some place due to a current or influx of water: The torrential rains flooded out most of the coastal residents. High tides regularly flood the smaller animals and insects out of spaces between the rocks. We were flooded out by the broken water line.
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Last winter's floods highlighted the trauma and devastation flooding brings.
Last November s severe flooding was devastating for many communities across Wales.
Its aims are to ensure that flood risk is taken into account at all stages in the planning process to avoid inappropriate development in areas at risk of flooding, and to direct development away from areas of highest risk.
Some people living in flood risk areas are in denial about the dangers flooding can cause.
To combat flooding, property owners should first identify the level of flood zone in which they live.
Extensive and unexpected flooding occurred in Mold, Ruthin, Rhydymwyn, Almere and Trevalyn, Rhyl, Newport and across the Vale of Glamorgan.
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Flooding Glen Canyon produced Lake Powell, which has 1,960 miles of shoreline, covers 266 square miles, and was recently described by one newspaper as "one of the West's premier watersports playgrounds.
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In addition to online resources, InsuraMatch is fully staffed with New Jersey-based, licensed insurance agents who have personally witnessed the devastation of major flooding events, including Superstorm Sandy in 2012.
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