flood out of

flood out of (something)

1. Of a gas or liquid, to move out of something very quickly and in great quantities. I pulled out the stopper, causing water to flood out of the bathtub. All the warm air in the car flooded out through the open window.
2. Of people, to move quickly out of some place or thing in large numbers. As soon as the dismissal bell rang, kids began flooding out of the school building.
3. To cause someone or something to leave or flee some thing or place due to rising water levels. In this usage, a noun or pronoun is used between "flood" and "out." We must not have picked a great place on the beach to camp, because high tide flooded us out of our tent. I suspect that the rains have flooded many animals out of their burrows.
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flood someone or something out of something

 and flood someone or something out
[for too much water] to force someone or something to leave something or some place. The high waters flooded them out of their home. The high waters flooded out a lot of people.
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