flog (something) to death

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flog (something) to death

To linger over or discuss something so long and to such a tedious and laborious extent that the subject is no longer of any interest or relevance. I think we should move on to another topic before we flog this one to death. The film's rhetorical message has been flogged to death by everyone you talk to.
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flog someone to death

Lit. to beat someone to death with a whip. In the movie, the captain ordered the first mate to flog the sailor to death.
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flog something to death

Fig. to dwell on something so much that it no longer has any interest. Stop talking about this! You've flogged it to death. Walter almost flogged the whole matter to death before we stopped him.
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ˌflog something to ˈdeath

(British English, informal) talk/write about or deal with a subject so often that there is no longer any interest in it: The word ‘new’ has really been flogged to death in advertisements, and nobody believes it any more.
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The pervasive leering in this version, directed as before by Eric Schaeffer, doesn't mesh with the highly enjoyable innocence of last summer's original, which placed the protofeminist "Witches" in an honorable tradition dating back to "Damn Yankees," "Bye Bye Birdie" and "Bells Are Ringing," not, as it seems now, a candidate for "The Robin Byrd Show." It's possible, too, that another performer might leaven the loucheness that Peters flogs to death: Since Kevin Kline, the role's obvious interpreter, clearly won't ever do it, what about trying Brian Stokes Mitchell, who would seem capable of delivering as vaudevillian, singer and sex god -- the part's triple requirements -- all at once?