flog (something) to death

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flog (something) to death

To linger over or discuss something so long and to such a tedious and laborious extent that the subject is no longer of any interest or relevance. I think we should move on to another topic before we flog this one to death. The film's rhetorical message has been flogged to death by everyone you talk to.
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flog someone to death

Lit. to beat someone to death with a whip. In the movie, the captain ordered the first mate to flog the sailor to death.
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flog something to death

Fig. to dwell on something so much that it no longer has any interest. Stop talking about this! You've flogged it to death. Walter almost flogged the whole matter to death before we stopped him.
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ˌflog something to ˈdeath

(British English, informal) talk/write about or deal with a subject so often that there is no longer any interest in it: The word ‘new’ has really been flogged to death in advertisements, and nobody believes it any more.
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References in classic literature ?
Then it reached them through the Press that they habitually flogged to death good revenue-paying cultivators who neglected to stop earths; but that the few, the very few who did not die under hippohide whips soaked in copperas, walked about on their gangrenous ankle-bones, and were known in derision as the Mudir's Cranes.
These young players are being flogged to death, beyond anything that's acceptable in modern day sport.
Families of the guilty men petitioned the Home Secretary for reprieves, but few people among the general public supported them and a side petition calling for the gang members to be flogged to death received lukewarm support.
The Armageddon line has been flogged to death but instead of going down the tubes, many clubs have cleared the decks.
It's what you work towards for month after month, when you're flogged to death all day long.
The regions are all working with theWRUso that the best players remain in an environment where they are looked after, kept in prime condition and not flogged to death.
These crime dramas were OK the first time round, but have been flogged to death.
He's being flogged to death in training at the moment.
NSW on the other hand, we're being flogged to death, everyone is leaving and huge errors are being made, morale is appalling, and I for one, will be retraining to leave the profession for good.
But gone are the days when players were flogged to death in pre-season and made to run on the Gullane Sands and up Arthur's Seat until they were sick.
But Richard's grudge against Empire and tyranny runs even deeper: his beloved older brother has been impressed into the Royal Navy then flogged to death for insubordination.
He demanded that those responsible for this act be publicly flogged to death.
The Seacat service is very good during the summer at 2 Va hours from Liverpool to Douglas, but the boats are being flogged to death.
HUNDREDS of donkeys will be flogged to death in scorching heat this Christmas if YOU don't step in to help.
By modern standards, however, the Frenchman's refusal to commit one way or the other represented a gift horse that could be flogged to death and way, way beyond.