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A child of about 14 was flogged repeatedly over several days, after being accused of stealing a motorcycle.
The second accused was ordered to be flogged with 80 lashes only and be deported.
Sudan caused a stir when it flogged 10 women for wearing trousers.
She said the article "is both against the constitution and sharia [Islamic law]" and that nothing in the Quran says that women should be flogged over what
"I prefer the people to be present so they would know the reason why I am getting flogged. I want all supporters and detractors alike to see for themselves," Hussein said and added that witnessing her case will answer people's questions about why floggings take place.
The girl was reportedly flogged by a Taleban cleric for "coming out of her house with another man who was not her husband." The girl's statement before a magistrate was presented in the Supreme Court through Attorney General Latif Khosa.
Zaidi, of Station Road, Eccles, Salford, also flogged himself during the ceremony at a community centre in Levenshulme, Manchester.
Very young seafarers were flogged with a lighter model with just five tails known as a boy's cat.
I'm not supposed to say "flogged off" because they will scream it's only being leased.
To ease this tension, Pilate ordered that Jesus be flogged, hoping that would appease the crowd.
Shouldn't this person be publicly flogged for wasting license-payers' hard earned on yet another contrived cookery show?
The last Briton to be flogged in Saudi Arabia was John Kelly, from Weymouth, Dorset, who was given 250 lashes in 1985.
EIGHT high school students have been publicly flogged in Saudi Arabia as punishment for attacking a group of teachers.
A Tory MP last night called for thieves to be flogged - after a CD given to him by pop star chum Natalie Imbruglia was stolen in a break- in.