flock around

flock around (someone or something)

To gather around someone or something in large numbers. A: "Why is there such a big crowd outside?" B: "Oh, people must be flocking around the hunky actor that just left the restaurant."
See also: around, flock

flock around someone or something

to crowd around someone or something. All the children will flock around the magician to see how the tricks are performed. The guests flocked around the birthday cake.
See also: around, flock
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This caused philosophers, poets and thinkers to flock around the thrones of ancient monarchs.
APRIL 21, 1981: Young motorcycle fans flock around the new Triumph Thunderbird at the International Motor Cycle Show.
SEXY samba dancers seem to ruffle Usain Bolt's feathers as they flock around the star.
Gulls flock around the dumped chicken carcasses in Bissell Street, Highgate
There's one in particular who seems to be the ringleader and all the others flock around her.
Inset crowds flock around the replica Spitfire at the event |held at Elland Cricket club @MINARDIFOREVER/TWITTER
As the homeless children flock around her calling her 'aunty', she leaves them all with the simple words: "Be safe.
GERMANY TRANSPORT STRIKE (EPA) - Passengers flock around an approaching commuter train at the central railway station of Hamburg, Germany, 20 May 2015.
As has been customary over the last few years, Downtown Dubai will be the epicentre of New Year celebrations in the city, with thousands of people expected to flock around the Burj Khalifa and the Dubai Mall on the evening of December 31, joining the fanfare and celebrations, culminating in the spectacular fireworks.
Customers flock around to partake in the "Unlock Possibilities" competition, eager to win prizes.
Arsenal and Liverpool are both tracking the progress of Borussia Monchengladbach forward Sinan Kurt as clubs across Europe flock around another prodigious youngster to emerge from Germany.
As rural dean of Morpeth - while based in the nearby village of Mitford - the talented amateur photographer built up a huge collection of pictures of his flock around the turn of the 20th century.
Korea's ETF market has also been growing fast since its introduction in 2002, but still faces some challenges, such as lack of diversity and the investors' tendency to flock around a few products.
She's no soppy pushover, but she is hugely loved - by the nation and by her offspring, a handsome and articulate bunch who flock around urging her to think about the future.