float into

float into (something)

1. Literally, to bob, drift, or glide into some thing or place, as on air or water. We floated into the tunnel on our inner tubes.
2. By extension, to move forward into some thing or place in a slow, easy manner. The bride floated into the church, her gown's exquisite train trailing behind her.
See also: float

float into something

1. Lit. to move on water or in air into something. The huge cruise ship floated majestically into the harbor. The kite floated into a tree and was ruined.
2. Fig. to move into something gently, as if floating. She floated into the room, looking like Cinderella before midnight. Tom and Gloria floated into the theater like a king and queen. They must have rehearsed it.
See also: float
References in classic literature ?
The Wizard then blew a bunch of small bubbles and afterward blew a big bubble around them so they were left in the center of it; then he allowed the whole mass of pretty globes to float into the air and disappear in the far distant sky.