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moonlight flit

A hasty nighttime departure, typically done to avoid paying money that one owes. Primarily heard in UK. I can't afford the rent this month, so we need to make a moonlight flit!
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do a moonlight flit

To depart hastily at night, typically to avoid paying money that one owes. I can't afford the rent this month, so we need to do a moonlight flit!
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flit about

to move about quickly; to dart about. A large number of hummingbirds were flitting about. Butterflies and moths flitted about among the trees and flowers.
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flit from person to person

Fig. to move quickly from person to person or thing to thing. (See also flit from something to something else.) Tom flitted quickly from person to person, handing out snacks and beverages. The singer flitted from table to table, working the crowd for tips.
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flit from (something to something else)

1. Lit. [for an insect] to fly quickly from one thing to another. The butterfly flitted from flower to flower.
2. Fig. [for someone] to go quickly from task to task, spending little time on each one. The housekeeper only flits from room to room without ever getting anything completely clean.
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do a moonlight flit

make a hurried, usually nocturnal, removal or change of abode, especially in order to avoid paying your rent. informal
Make a moonlight flitting is recorded from the early 19th century and appears to have originated in northern England or Scotland. The expression is now often shortened to do a moonlight .
See also: flit, moonlight

do a moonlight ˈflit

(British English, informal) leave the place where you have been living in quickly and secretly, usually to avoid paying your debts, rent, etc: When I called to get the money she owed me, I found she’d done a moonlight flit.
See also: flit, moonlight
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Alfie Flits, who graduated from bumpers to win in Listed company at Windsor last year, has not run since finishing third in the Group 3 Curragh Cup in June.
Alan Swinbank: would prefer Alfie Flits to continue to run on the Flat
I was thinking, coming home from Newmarket, that if anything happened to Alfie Flits, I could put her in the Irish Leger.
If Alfie Flits can progress along the same lines, he should be capable of a Group-race victory later this year.
BEFORE the Polytrack surface was introduced, there was definitely an advantage to sticking with those horses proven on sand, but now I'm not at all worried about backing horses making their all-weather debuts and, for me, Alfie Flits sticks out like a sore thumb in theWinter Derby (3.
In it, Izzard flits from Prince Philip slandering a billion Chinese on an official visit, to being the Grim Reaper, trading his scythe in favor of a power mower in the name of progress.
THEATRICAL MOMENT, the bumper horse who is rated potentially as good as Pattern-winning stablemates Collier Hill and Alfie Flits but is unlikely to go to Cheltenham, could warm up for Aintree this week, writes David Carr.
In the meantime, the movie flits from one story to the next and then back again (all to the accompaniment of composer John Barry's ``Dance With Wolves'' retread score), often derailing any momentum the narrative has picked up.
SWEDEN Alan Swinbank will bid for his second Stockholm Cup on Sunday when Alfie Flits bids to emulate stablemate Collier Hill's victory in 2004.
Striding through a field, rattling bushes with staves to scare up rabbits, knowing a bird watches your every move, flits along to keep pace, awaits a signal, is a rare and wondrous experience.
ALAN SWINBANK'S highly regarded gelding Alfie Flits bids to defy a 3lb penalty as he takes on five rivals in today's Listed Gala Stakes at Sandown, writes Paul Binfield.
A small company of uneasy souls flits amid this stark, colorless landscape in rather inappropriate, though attractive, attire: the women barefoot and in white satin gowns, the men shod and suited.
Provided the going is not too fast at Sandown - it was yesterday described as good to firm - Alan Swinbank may run the progressive Alfie Flits, a Listed winner at Pontefract last month.
HIGH-CLASS bumper horse Alfie Flits has made an excellent start to his Flat career, but there could be some value in opposing him this afternoon when he steps up in class for the Listed Totesport.
Welcome back to Royal Birkdale" could be one of Steve Rider's more overused phrases for the next four days as coverage of the 127th Open flits annoyingly between BBC1 and BBC2.