flip for (something)

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flip for (something)

1. To flip a coin in order to make a choice or determine an outcome. In this usage, a noun or pronoun can be used between "flip" and "for." Come on, we'll flip for it. Heads, I get the front seat—tails, you get it. Only one of us can ride up front, so I'll flip you for it.
2. To respond to something with great excitement or enthusiasm. The kids will definitely flip for the toys you got them.
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flip someone for something

to flip [a coin] with someone to determine the posession of something or the right to do something. Maybe it's yours; maybe it's mine. I'll flip you for it.
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flip for

1. To determine who gets to have something or do something by flipping a coin: Both of us wanted the last slice of pie, so we flipped for it.
2. To react enthusiastically or passionately to someone or something: I flipped for the new bartender. Sunbathers will flip for these new stylish swimsuits.
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