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burger flipper

One who prepares hamburgers in a fast food restaurant, a job that is typically regarded as low-paying, monotonous, has few opportunities for advancement, and is below one's potential. I know you need cash, but I think you should focus your energy on finding a solid job rather than picking up a few bucks as a burger-flipper. A lot of people look down on a job as burger-flipper, but that's where I started, and I've worked my way up to regional manager.
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n. a lowly hamburger cook in a fast-food restaurant. (see also hole digger.) If you drop out of school now, you’ll end up being a burger-flipper for the rest of your life.
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They formed evenly spaced hills and valleys along the leading edge of the flipper.
As with all Young's products, Young's Flipper Dippers offer the added reassurance of the Young's 'Fish for Life' label - confirming that they are made with fish that has been responsibly sourced
And she said the somewhat bedraggled Flipper, who has a 7ft wing spanwas glad to be back home.
Bowen and Santini both caution that you may well find that nothing is gained by augmenting the eyeglasses used in your flipper tests.
Very often, the flipper does not add any new value to the property other some creative variations of income and expenses, or advertising to enhance the property's most attractive features.
3]He polarizer and analyzer cells, RF spin flipper, full CsI detector array and data acquisition systems were exercised.
This urban accent permeates the opening credits that, figured onto traffic signs, insinuate the daunting distance between the racial worlds that Flipper and Angie separately represent.
IsoFreeze Temperature Maintenance Flipper Racks provide safe chilled and stable storage for PCR reagents, cells, enzymes, or other temperature-sensitive reagents when removed from the freezer or refrigerator for extended periods of time.
Abstract: The improved bead structure (30) has a flipper (50) having an axially inner leg and axially outer leg.
Her front right flipper is missing and along that side she has quite a few tooth marks dotted around her shell.
Veljacic hooks a metal tag into the turtle's right front flipper, which will help biologists study the population.
A swimmer yesterday told of his new national underwater distance record which he achieved thanks to a single giant flipper which makes him move like a dolphin.
Flipper CAD Control can be embedded in a client web page and can load CAD drawings and DXF files from a server across the Internet.
Hogan, one-time star of Crocodile Dundee, has teamed up with the marine legend to make Flipper The Movie.