flip (one's) lid

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flip (one's) lid

1. To react to something with strong emotion. The reaction can be to something positive or negative. I had to talk to Mr. Myers about the botched report today, and boy, did he flip his lid. I knew Aunt June would be excited to hear I'm getting married, but she totally flipped her lid!
2. To go insane. Used humorously. Everyone thought I'd flipped my lid when I quit my lucrative marketing job and moved to India.
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flip one's lid

Also, flip one's wig; flip out. React very strongly or wildly, as with anger, surprise, or excitement; also, go crazy. For example, I'm going to flip my lid if he doesn't show up, or She really flipped out when she realized that she had won first prize, or I think Rob has flipped his wig. These slangy expressions, with their allusion to losing the top of one's head, date from the 1930s and 1940s.
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flip your lid

If someone flips their lid, they become extremely angry or upset or go mad. Rosa flipped her lid and the confrontation with Sandra turned into a furious fight. She said, `Mom, I think you've flipped your lid.'
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flip your lid

suddenly go mad or lose your self-control. informal
A chiefly US variant of this phrase is flip your wig .
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flip your ˈlid

(American English also flip your ˈwig) (informal)
1 become very angry: When he saw the damage to his car, he flipped his lid.
2 go mad; become mentally ill: After the divorce, she just flipped her lid. She was in hospital for months.
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flip one’s lid

See also: flip, lid
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flip (one's) lid

1. To react strongly, as with anger or enthusiasm.
2. To go crazy.
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flip one's lid, to

To lose one’s temper, or to become very excited. An American slang expression dating from the twentieth century, it implies the metaphor of a pot boiling over and pushing off its cover. It appeared in 1951 in the New York Times Book Review: “The funniest book of the lot is enough to make a reader ‘flip’ or ‘flip his lid.’” The closely related flip one’s wig needs no explanation.
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Raging Redknapp told Moncur to "*** off." But Moncur flipped his lid and swore back at his boss before kicking over the sandwiches.
CHRIS Evans flipped his lid - well, his crash helmet to be precise - when he fell off his scooter in driving rain.
But just in case you think Douglas has flipped his lid, the buggy is a bit of a joke - it was designed by the stars of MTV's Pimp My Ride.
The nightmare continued at Morgans, a family-run restaurant in Liverpool where the chef "f*** flipped his lid", recalls Gordon.
Apparently, when Trump heard about the decision he flipped his lid. Then calmed down and stuck it back on his head.
A BRAIN-DAMAGED dad waved a pickaxe handle in front of a mum after he "flipped his lid" over littering around his home, a court heard.
"I don't know what came over him; he flipped his lid a little bit, and what he said was downright ugly."
He flipped his lid after Tigers fly-half Toby Flood was dropped from the squad to face France in Paris on Sunday and released to play in tomorrow night's Anglo-Welsh Cup semi-final at Bath.
Fahey said: "He ran well first time and then the next two times completely flipped his lid, so we gelded him and shoved the blinkers on and it's worked."
He admitted he "flipped his lid" and contacted Mr Humphries off-air to "try to bring some sense and logic into him".
AUSSIE ace Joel Griffiths has flipped his lid after the Chinese FA hammered him for flipping the bird.
"He just flipped his lid, got into his van and chased them down the street trying to knock them over.
He Proud said: "After the remarks made by the leader this week ( some hurtful, some just daft ( I would have to say that I think the wise yellow bird has flipped his lid too many times and has flown right out of the cuckoo's nest."
She told the court: "I asked him what the problem was and he just flipped his lid with me.
One from Chester said: ``The man just flipped his lid.