flip (one's) wig

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flip (one's) wig

To react to something, good or bad, with strong emotion. I had to talk to Mr. Myers about the botched report today, and boy, did he flip his wig. I figured Aunt June would be excited to hear I'm getting married, but she totally flipped her wig!
See also: flip, wig

flip one's wig

 and flip one's lid
Sl. to suddenly become angry, crazy, or enthusiastic. Whenever anyone mentions taxes, Mr. Jones absolutely flips his wig. Stop whistling. You're going to make me flip my lid.
See also: flip, wig

flip one’s wig

and flip one’s lid
tv. to go crazy; to lose control. I so flipped my lid when I got the news. I nearly flipped my wig when I heard.
See also: flip, wig
References in periodicals archive ?
ICE-COOL beauty Valerie Edmond appeared to have flipped her wig by quitting Kavanagh QC, the top ITV legal drama starring John Thaw.
Legal lovely Valerie Edmond nearly flipped her wig when she burp in John Thaw's face on her first day in Kavanagh QC.