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All the corresponding designs of Flip-Flops, latches and Shift registers are designed in SPICE and verified in Synopsys HSPICE Tools.
Schematics of jitter cleaning and synchronisation flip-flops are same as of prescaler logic flip-flop, but without AND logic at the input.
Don't wear the same pair of flip-flops year after year.
Hence, if the pulse width is shortened, flip-flop 1 might not change its output state.
This flip-flop is switched to 1 in order to implement a free stage selection.
Oh and Fact Number 8, flip-flops are not worn in the House of Commons Chamber.
If soldiers wore flip-flops, there would be no more wars.
There is a single flip-flop per stage in the edge-triggered flip-flop based pipeline, and hence a pipeline stage cannot receive the incoming data while holding the previous data.
I tried the flip-flop wearer's patented ballerina gait, picking my way in slow motion along the pavement, but to no avail.
A FLIP-FLOP thief swapped her own shoes for the stolen goods and walked out of a shop.
The presence of dissolved iron caused the Archean biosphere to be a total flip-flop of today's, he says.
Next weekend, head to the SM Mega Fashion Hall for the biggest annual flip-flop customization event in the country, Make Your Own Havaianas.