flip your lid

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flip (one's) lid

1. To react to something with strong emotion. The reaction can be to something positive or negative. I had to talk to Mr. Myers about the botched report today, and boy, did he flip his lid. I knew Aunt June would be excited to hear I'm getting married, but she totally flipped her lid!
2. To go insane. Used humorously. Everyone thought I'd flipped my lid when I quit my lucrative marketing job and moved to India.
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flip your lid

If someone flips their lid, they become extremely angry or upset or go mad. Rosa flipped her lid and the confrontation with Sandra turned into a furious fight. She said, `Mom, I think you've flipped your lid.'
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flip your lid

suddenly go mad or lose your self-control. informal
A chiefly US variant of this phrase is flip your wig .
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flip your ˈlid

(American English also flip your ˈwig) (informal)
1 become very angry: When he saw the damage to his car, he flipped his lid.
2 go mad; become mentally ill: After the divorce, she just flipped her lid. She was in hospital for months.
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