flip off

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flip someone off

 and flip someone out; flip someone the bird
Sl. to give someone the finger, that is raise the middle finger, a rude sign. (The digitus impudicus.) The youth flipped the police officer off. Not a good idea. He flipped off the cop. You better not flip a cop out! The little kid flipped the cop the bird and didn't even know what it meant.
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flip off

1. To deactivate using a switch; switch off: Could you please flip off the lights before you go to sleep? I flipped the TV off because no one was watching it.
2. Slang To make an obscene hand gesture to someone or something: The driver cursed, flipped me off, and drove straight into the oncoming truck. Whenever I try to take his picture, he flips off the camera or makes a face.
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flip (someone) off

Slang To make an obscene gesture toward (someone); give the finger to.
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Due to an update of Unicode, which is the standard for how text appears through various platforms, users will be able to flip the bird through text message as long as programmers adopt the update.
Who doesn't want to virtually flip the bird to their mate or significant other every now and again?
Wilshere appears to flip the bird across the pitch towards an area of Manchester City fans, who were jeering the player for his protests to the linesman, the report added.
I flip the bird at University Hospitals of Cleveland every time I hear their name," she says, referring to her belief that the doctors there turned their backs on Mia and downplayed her multiple seizures because of her disorder.
Sometimes people slow down and stare in fascination, sometimes they just slow and refuse to pass, and sometimes they flip the bird.
Showbiz might flip the bird at the moment of impact, but there are no survivors.