flip off

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flip someone off

 and flip someone out; flip someone the bird
Sl. to give someone the finger, that is raise the middle finger, a rude sign. (The digitus impudicus.) The youth flipped the police officer off. Not a good idea. He flipped off the cop. You better not flip a cop out! The little kid flipped the cop the bird and didn't even know what it meant.
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flip off

1. To deactivate using a switch; switch off: Could you please flip off the lights before you go to sleep? I flipped the TV off because no one was watching it.
2. Slang To make an obscene hand gesture to someone or something: The driver cursed, flipped me off, and drove straight into the oncoming truck. Whenever I try to take his picture, he flips off the camera or makes a face.
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flip (someone) off

Slang To make an obscene gesture toward (someone); give the finger to.
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I'm sure, he'd happily flip the bird at those who'd rather see him as Christmas dinner
We flip the bird while driving and ignore stop signs.
But for a while, at least, it's cathartic fun watching DeGeneres flip the bird at the prime-time brass.