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Flip Side appears every Wednesday in RedEye and features a lighthearted take on the news, including a pop news quiz, cool Web sites and news of the weird.
Finally, the proof that the proposed bill is about tilting a balanced system in favor of union power, at the expense of workers rights, is revealed by its treatment of the flip side of unionization - decertification elections.
DALLAS - There's usually a flip side to every success story, and Mathieu Garon is trying to avoid falling into that role when it comes to the Kings' goaltending situation and Jason LaBarbera.
Detecting: The Flip Side of Success-Possible Communicating is a treasury of information everybody needs to know about how language (and other forms of communication, but language in particular) can be abused and misused, whether intentionally or obliviously.
Through the installation in the gallery, Coleman's work becomes this film's flip side, its "lining" (Chris Marker), as it unravels the workings of film into a space where vision is stretched in time until we no longer are able to see.
Although I found Joe Queenan's column ("Go West, Young Children," Flip Side, March 2004) interesting, not all 22-year-old college graduates are ready to go off to Boise.
But there's a flip side to the rules for businesses that rely heavily on the telephone to sign up new customers and keep revenues flowing.
The flip side is that the outlook for school privatization is excellent, and the purchase of the company will make money for the pension fund.
Drawn with dark, introspective hues, American Life is the flip side to 2001's Music, which was intentionally aimed to be easy on the brain and heavy on the hips.
The flip side of that equation is that it's pointless to keep investment dollars in cash, and bond yields aren't much more attractive.
But the flip side of that argument is that Dawnsong
The cult of sensibility from which such products ultimately issue is the flip side of the Age of Reason.
Dubbed La Nina by climate scientists, the lower-than-normal water temperatures are the flip side of the better-known El Nino, which elevates water temperatures in the same region.
Stern and four other celebrities top the flip side of Freeman's list of hairstyles predicted to inspire romance on Feb.
The flip side of this is the social climber, who drops you like a hot potato the minute someone with more clout comes along.