flip lid

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flip (one's) lid

1. To react to something with strong emotion. The reaction can be to something positive or negative. I had to talk to Mr. Myers about the botched report today, and boy, did he flip his lid. I knew Aunt June would be excited to hear I'm getting married, but she totally flipped her lid!
2. To go insane. Used humorously. Everyone thought I'd flipped my lid when I quit my lucrative marketing job and moved to India.
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flip (one's) lid

1. To react strongly, as with anger or enthusiasm.
2. To go crazy.
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flip one's lid, to

To lose one’s temper, or to become very excited. An American slang expression dating from the twentieth century, it implies the metaphor of a pot boiling over and pushing off its cover. It appeared in 1951 in the New York Times Book Review: “The funniest book of the lot is enough to make a reader ‘flip’ or ‘flip his lid.’” The closely related flip one’s wig needs no explanation.
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She discovers something--a cigarette and a lighter, a silver one with a flip lid. She is impressed and sets it clown on the step beside her and admires it.
But Fisher & Paykel developed a SmartLoad sensor machine with flip lid, automated features and reversible drum for more air, faster cycles, and less tangling and wrinkling.
The flip lid is a bit of a hindrance, but being able to see through it to the data is a thoughtful touch.
There is a removable flip lid to protect the 160 X 160 monochrome display screen.
Unlike the Palm i705, it has a full color screen, 16 MB memory and a protective flip lid. It also features a built-in mini-keyboard, designed as an alternative to Palm's touch-screen graffiti display.
It lacks the hard-cover flip lid that comes standard with higher-end Jornada models, though it is available as an add-on accessory.