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Fling with art teacher David Graham the same age as her son Dennis who was also to become a street philanderer.
He had flings but he took responsibility, he said sorry and I forgave him.
Teletext Holidays managing director Nishma Patel said: "Holidays should be special and if a fling comes into that, then so much the better
Today we talk to three women who decided they wanted to be in charge when it came to a fling - and what happened to them.
The Flings provide the same premier entertainment experiences Olivia customers have come to expect, and the shorter trips inherently increase our appeal to the under-35 demographic and first-time travelers.
Or maybe your reputation precedes you, so women think you just want a fling.
LIVERPOOL office workers are some of the most frisky in the country with a huge amount admitting to a fling with a colleague.
By contrast, some 27 percent of respondents believe people who use online dating sites are simply looking for a fling.
Travelers interested in EP hotels will save from $100 to as much as $580 off the regular package price, with Air Jamaica's "Spring Flings.
Half of all flings last only as long as the holiday.
I'VE been divorced for nearly a year, and have had a couple of flings.
But now the secret is out, Nancy - who has stood by Eriksson, 57, despite his flings with Faria and Ulrika Jonsson - is almost certain to pull out.
Mad Dog" Murray included such gems as his desire for "Cabinet Minister's affairs, Royals having flings, showbiz stars having flings".
Sitcom queen Pauline Quirke is celebrating her raunchiest career move so far - with two steamy flings on screen
But if Adam gets Cold Feet at the thought of a final fling - what about the rest of us?