fling (oneself) at (someone)

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fling (oneself) at (someone)

To eagerly pursue someone that one is romantically interested in. Naturally, Sean became more interested in me as soon as I stopped flinging myself at him.
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fling something at someone or something

to throw something roughly or carelessly at someone or something. Don't fling that towel at me! Don't just fling that paper at the wastebasket, hoping it will get there!
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fling oneself at someone

Also, fling or throw oneself at someone's head . Try openly to make someone love one. For example, She was constantly phoning him and inviting him over, really flinging herself at him, or Mom said she should stop throwing herself at his head.
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Staff at GOSH must have been briefed to the hilt because nurses were not screeching or flinging themselves at him.
She added: "Only when I used to visit him at drama school and that was hell because Lau was an older student and there were all these young ones flinging themselves at him.
What man could bear to have to turn up for work every day to face the ghastly prospect of both Carla and Tina flinging themselves at him?
came, I was ecause it like a first ything that g time." e can't wait dmitted that family man or a popstar who has women flinging themselves at him.
Girls were flinging themselves at him - it was wild."
It's not like women are flinging themselves at me in Waitrose."
HE'S used to women flinging themselves at his feet.
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