fling mud

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fling mud

To disparage someone, especially to the detriment of their reputation. I'm trying to maintain a fair and respectable campaign, and my opponent has no problem flinging mud!
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fling (or sling or throw) mud

make disparaging or scandalous remarks or accusations. informal
The proverb throw dirt (or mud) enough, and some will stick , to which this phrase alludes, is attributed to the Florentine statesman Niccolò Machiavelli ( 1469–1527 ).
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fling/sling/throw ˈmud (at somebody)

(informal) try to damage somebody’s reputation by telling other people bad things about them: Just before an election, politicians really start to sling mud at each other. ▶ ˈmud-slinging noun: There’s too much mud-slinging by irresponsible journalists.
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KIDS were made to scrub up the mess they created after flinging mud balls at a community centre.
An SNP spokesman said: "With Labour's campaign misfiring so badly, they should concentrate on issues that matter to ordinary people instead of flinging mud.
They have started criticizing and flinging mud at me, directly and also indirectly.
A particular party MQM was enacting dramas in and outside parliament with reference to creation of new dramas, he said adding the object of this party was not creating provinces but such attempt on the part of this party was aimed at flinging mud on the political rivals.
"As ever, it is disappointing - but not surprising - to see the Tories tripping over themselves to start flinging mud with their usual scant regard for the substantive issues at hand."
Butt only made a bad situation worse when he started flinging mud around at the weekend.
The car started suddenly, flinging mud from the wheels onto them, from head to foot.
So while Rangers fans may be flinging mud at David Murray for any number of other issues they have with his stewardship, they can't hold this one on him.
But Mark Hastings of the British Beer and Pub Association said: 'I recommend that Jenny Willott gets her facts straight before flinging mud at reputable, well-run, well-managed pubs.'
"All the students would purposely go into the river and 'happen' to start flinging mud at each other.
If we're going to have sour grapes, we shouldn't start flinging mud at Liverpool and resorting to stereotyping.
Mud races use a smaller vehicle that pulls a weighted sled through a mudded area to achieve the fastest time while flinging mud.
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