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He then immediately went upstairs, and flinging open the door of the chamber with much violence, awaked poor Jones from a very sound nap, into which he was fallen, and, what was still worse, from a delicious dream concerning Sophia.
Then the boat emerged, half swamped, Leach flinging the water out and Johnson clinging to the steering-oar, his face white and anxious.
Her husband was on the premises and before I knew it there was this almighty row and he was going on about who did I think I was flinging sweaty clothes at his wife and I said, you don't understand, it is the sporty thing to do, Andre does it, Pete does it.
In an alternate scenario, Jupiter and Saturn moved to their orbits over 5 million years by simply flinging away space rocks, but this would have visibly scarred the asteroid belt.
It is suspected that Rajesh may have taken the ornaments, flinging only the bag and its remaining contents into the drain.
You wouldn't catch me flinging myself around in the mud on a Sunday afternoon.
During courtship, female spotted bowerbirds like a guy to get wild--charging into walls and flinging around bleached bones--but they also prefer to watch the show from behind a see-through barrier.
Nicole, mum of their two-year-old son Nicholas, wooed him by flinging herself across his car bonnet.
After a half hour of preshow dancing by the audience the five members of Sarah Skaggs Dance burst out, flinging themselves into and through the space with an energy that seemed too large to contain.