fling off

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fling something off (of) something

 and fling something off
to yank or pull something off something. (Of is usually retained before pronouns.) He flung the bedspread off the bed and dived in. He flung off the covers and dived into bed.
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At a more typical impact speed, which would be at least 10 times faster, says Zuber, youd make a big hole and fling off ejecta - in short form, a massive crater.
In an ideal world, we'd fling off our party heels and commence on a cleanse, tone and moisturise mission before downing a pint of water.
TV star Kelly Brook and Julie Goodyear are among the latest cast of stars to fling off their clothes and inhibitions to appear in stage hit Calendar Girls.
But the severe economic downtown will more likely mean that club principals tighten their belts rather than fling off the buckles, and on our patch a yo-yo effect will, depressingly, continue.
It's time to fling off those dark lip and eye colours we have been steadfastly wearing all winter and go with something fresher and more natural.
The thing is, you didn't fling off your clothes in that shop.