fling down

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fling (someone or something) down

To toss or shove someone or something down. The bully flung the skinny boy down and threated to hit him if he didn't part with his lunch money.
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fling someone or something down

to throw or push someone or something down. He flung the book down in great anger. He flung down the book and ran from the room.
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Press the go button and the fun starts, with smooth but punchy acceleration even in standard power mode from an 850cc powerplant clearly delighted at only having 188kg of machine to fling down the road, accompanied by an exquisitely visceral snarl from those Akrapovic pipes.
It was just the kind of gauntlet these Young Turks, hot off the success of "Company," wanted to fling down to stodgy old Broadway.
While on this side of Hadrian's Wall, it doesn't take much for us to dance a Highland Fling down Memory Lane to the next year, with Baxter and Law humbling those English heroes of '66.
It's free before midnight ([euro]5 after) and if the last two monthly gigs are anything to go by then this atmosphere will once again be electric as we fling down the best in House music with class and groove.
Lovebirds featured on Grant Nelson's Housecall (RTE Pulse Monday's) back last year and it was one of the best guestmixes I have ever witnessed http://tinyurl.com/cntx5rm so you can bet your negative equity that this man is going to fling down some big action in Waterford on Sunday.