fling away

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fling someone or something away

to throw or sling someone or something away or out of the way. You can't just fling me away! I am your eldest son! You can't just fling away the things you don't want!
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References in classic literature ?
There are nations that will not fling away the empire of earth in order to slight an unknown man and insult a noble woman whose boots they are not fitted to unlatch.
Fling away the paint charts, ditch dithering over bafflinglynamed colours and embrace the future - it's red wine and copper-coloured.
FLING away the paint charts, ditch dithering over bafflingly-named colours and embrace the future - it's red wine and copper-coloured.
16 by Asia Times Online, Spengler wrote: "Whether Turkey will fling away its new-found prosperity in a fit of national pique is hard to forecast, but that has been the way.
PARTY ON: No let-up in Faliraki bars this weekend; HELD: Jemma; DARING; Paper plates cover what's left of wannabe reps' modesty as they perform Full Monty routine on assessment weekend; BARING; Girls fling away their tops and cavort bare-boobed to show they have what it takes to make grade as club tour guide; GROPING; Touchy-feely moment as the boys and girls at appraisal prove they have enough bare-faced cheek to succeed; ROMPING; Shrinking violets need not apply as applicants far outnumber available jobs on offer at recruitment weekend
As Stephanie helps wives to enjoy a midlife fling away from the eyes of their unsuspecting husbands, she starts to wonder if she should not take advantage of the company staff discount and join the club.
Women picked Gladiator star Russell Crowe for his beautiful body instead of his mind for their filthy fling away.
TopFlight Fling Away Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder: The Fling Away's rotating wheels actually fling away squirrels as the feed ports shut the squirrels out.