fling at

fling (oneself) at (someone)

To eagerly pursue someone that one is romantically interested in. Naturally, Sean became more interested in me as soon as I stopped flinging myself at him.
See also: fling

fling something at someone or something

to throw something roughly or carelessly at someone or something. Don't fling that towel at me! Don't just fling that paper at the wastebasket, hoping it will get there!
See also: fling
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you and I are going to have one more fling at finding that last ticket.
A wee Highlander himself, it was only fitting that Showbusiness Reporter Gordon Barr took in the first night of New Adventures in Matthew Bourne's Highland Fling at Newcastle's Theatre Royal
If a couple have been together as long as Rachel and Adam and there's a baby on the way, there is no way a man should have any type of fling at all.
SEXUALLY experienced women are also more likely to have a casual fling at work.
The pair indulged in a 24-hour champagne-fuelled fling at the millionaire's Belgravia home.