fling around

fling (someone or something) around

To toss someone or something around. Why do you insist on flinging your papers around? No wonder you can never find anything!
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fling someone or something around

to sling or throw someone or something around. Don't fling your wet clothing around. You are messing up the whole room. Don't fling around all your clothes.
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Handling with the light weight and those wide bars mean it's a treat to fling around corners, with the only limiting factor those semi-knobbly tyres, which for very, er, spirited riders will always be a compromise between road and off-road.
The characters use the chairs as props which they move around, fling around, squeeze through, wear, are crushed by and which are intricately employed both symbolically as well as as actual items, from a crib and high-chair to a straightjacket.
I don't have a huge budget to fling around the shops and kit myself out.
Climb on board and the mass disappears; the bike's a dream to fling around a tight racetrack.
John Robert, from Cathays, said: "They are not just coming on the weekend for a quick fling around the car park.
It is not the sort of car to fling around country bends but it is a comfortable five-seater.
But many young men do have a brief gay fling around adolescence before deciding they are, after all, straight.
When you fling around as much mud as I have, you have to have a big cloth with you.
The cars I drove were a joy to fling around the Elkhart Lake, Wis., road course, though after a day of hard use they'd devoured brake rotors and pads, like the original LS.
Conservatives love to fling around terms like "socialist" and "class warmonger" whenever someone suggests that policy makers tend to favor rich, influential special interests.
I mean, who has that kind of money to fling around on feeding people you haven't met for years, putting almonds in a little net bag and ordering a finger buffet for 150 at the night do?
The pair then started exchanging tweets and texts before embarking on a fling around her 15th birthday.