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Taking Krummel's eleven canons (Notes 23/1, 1966) as a starting point, Fling provides us with a list of eight objectives: collect serious new books and current journals about music; collect well-edited practical editions and good recorded performances of standard musical repertoire and "new" music; collect scholarly critical editions and facsimiles; collect pedagogical and etude works to meet identified needs of users; collect materials to meet local research and performance needs; collect materials documenting local and regional music; collect anything else necessary to fulfill obligations in consortial or cooperative agreements; provide for removal of superseded editions if desired.
Sold from February through March, Fling will be offered in 120z and 220z bottles, 6-packs and 12-packs, as well as on draft.
Available in milk chocolate, dark chocolate and hazelnut, each Fling finger contains a delicate truffle sitting on a crisp layer of meringue enrobed in chocolate.
The Merseyside track hosts its last race day of 2003 withThe Last Fling Handicap Chase the feature race of the day.
Native Fling needs a good, fast pace and he certainly got that before coming through with a flourish to beat subsequent winner Asparagus.
Native Fling provided Hobbs with a double when pouncing late in the extended two-mile handicap chase to get the better of Asparagus by three and a half lengths.
But if Adam gets Cold Feet at the thought of a final fling - what about the rest of us?
One of the dances I saw had its origins in the nearby Highlands and depicted a deer leaping over rocky hills, thus becoming a "Highland fling.
The X Factor judge, 64, almost called time on their marriage after his fouryear fling with hairdresser Michelle Pugh was exposed in May last year.
Highland Fling Bungee pioneered bungee jumping in Scotland and opened the UK's first permanent bridge bungee jump over the River Garry, Killiecrankie, in 2011.
JADE WILLIAMS of host club Wrexham AC was one of 30 record-breakers at the recent Final Fling event in Deeside.
X Factor judge Sharon Osbourne has admitted to having a secret fling with Jay Leno.
The Brigadoon-meets-Trainspotting set, featuring the twinkling lights of high rises nestling in the glens, invited us into the Highland Fling Social Club adorned with images of The Krankies and Old Firm scarves.
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