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flinch from (someone or something)

To recoil from someone or something, often in fear. Teddy flinched from the nurse as she approached him with the needle. We all flinched from the barking dog.
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without flinching

Without showing any signs of fear or hesitation. I'm terrified of needles, but my sister can get blood drawn without flinching.
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flinch from someone or something

to move back suddenly from someone or something; to shrink (back) (from someone or something) suddenly. She struck at him and he flinched from her. At the last minute the center fielder flinched from the ball.
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This was possible because he was using a small cartridge that he could shoot well (without flinching), combined with a superb bullet.
But, over time, many archers start flinching or punching the trigger of index-finger release aids.
But for many archers, the thumb style, when compared to the index-finger style, adds an extra measure of control over flinching and punching.
At a basic level, flinching is a natural reaction to loud noise and a hard blow.
Another form of flinching is the inability to fire at all.
It's easier to practice flinching than it is to practice good trigger control.
If you want to avoid developing some very bad shooting habits, such as blinking or flinching, it's important to know your personal recoil tolerance.
Channel 4 was more Channel 5, allowing a woman from the Met Office to utter the words "We issued a warning of an extreme event" on air without flinching.
The fact that they tackle the job without flinching is proven by the figures that show how many of them become casualties.
Flinching and blinking are the biggest obstacles to overcome when shooting accurately.
Catholicism is a religion that looks suffering and death square in the face without flinching. On our crucifix we show the broken body of Christ poured out for us; and even as we celebrate Resurrection, our language abounds with images of sorrow.
ANYONE able to watch Sex Traffic without flinching or looking away from the screen must be made of much sterner stuff than me.
By far the best use for snap caps is to train yourself to avoid flinching (see Dave Anderson's Rifleman column).
Flinching is any involuntary movement that occurs as the gun is being fired.
Is the student flinching, or jerking the trigger and denying that it's happening?