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without flinching

Without showing any signs of fear or hesitation. I'm terrified of needles, but my sister can get blood drawn without flinching.
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flinch from someone or something

to move back suddenly from someone or something; to shrink (back) (from someone or something) suddenly. She struck at him and he flinched from her. At the last minute the center fielder flinched from the ball.
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But for many archers, the thumb style, when compared to the index-finger style, adds an extra measure of control over flinching and punching.
He is surprised that more hunters -- particularly those suffering from snapshooting and flinching -- don't hunt with a back-tension release.
I would rate the pinkie style equal to the thumb style in helping to control flinching and punching.
Target panic/buck fever (which includes flinching and punching the trigger of release aids) may reach a critical level suddenly, but like a cancer, it may have been growing for some time.
Another form of flinching is the inability to fire at all.
But there would be a lot of bad ones too, the result of blinking and flinching in anticipation of recoil-- habits that are highly detrimental to good shooting, easy to acquire and hard to overcome.
If the second group is significantly larger-- and especially if there are shots considerably outside the main group-- it is probable that you are flinching.
Flinching and blinking are habits developed from reacting to the blast and recoil of the shot.
by doing this, some of the acquired conditioned reflexes detrimental to shooting such as flinching.
In addition to teaching you why you must never say yes in haste, this course will teach you the importance of flinching and reluctance during negotiations.
This sort of constant reinforcement is the best way to beat a bad case of flinching.
If the sight picture remains steady as the gun clicks, you don't have a serious problem with flinching.
The most critical fumble was when Germaine, flinching in the face of Michigan State's heated pass rush, couldn't find an open receiver and lost the ball as Peterson hit him at the Ohio State 40.
Here, where you pass the rite of manhood by not flinching when the barber divides his attention between baseball's Game of the Week on the 13-inch, black-and-white TV with rabbit ears on a shelf in the corner, and the glistening razor in his hand.
Giovanni, who will enter ninth grade at Granada Hills High School this fall, took his shots in stride, not even flinching as the needle pierced his arm.