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flinch from (someone or something)

To recoil from someone or something, often in fear. Teddy flinched from the nurse as she approached him with the needle. We all flinched from the barking dog.
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without flinching

Without showing any signs of fear or hesitation. I'm terrified of needles, but my sister can get blood drawn without flinching.
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flinch from someone or something

to move back suddenly from someone or something; to shrink (back) (from someone or something) suddenly. She struck at him and he flinched from her. At the last minute the center fielder flinched from the ball.
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I think you have to say to him, "Sorry I flinched - it has nothing to do with you or our relationship, but it's what I was used to for a very long time."
Asked about her recollections of the shooting, she said: 'Everyone sort of flinched...
The partner compensation system was an old-fashioned "lockstep" one, in which the size of a partner's profit share depended strictly on seniority, not on rainmaking skills (Milbank partners flinched at the very idea of making rain) or hours billed.
He and his colleagues studied 23 cancer patients aged 3 to 9 who had screamed, flinched or struggled during venipuncture procedures in the past.
Fresh from a stint in Sisaket, Thailand, the Cargo Movers hardly flinched against the Lifesavers' last-minute uprising to post their second win in as many matches.
punched I think you have to say to him, "Sorry I flinched - it has nothing to do with you or our relationship, but it's what I was used to for a very long time."
But every single time I touched her with the needle - you try and hold the needle onto the skin for about a second with each stroke - every single time she flinched. It was like trying to draw on a moving target all the time.
I interviewed Willie Carson under an umbrella and, gentleman that he is, he never flinched as water ran round the brim of my enormous hat and descended on his own topper, several inches below.
l I FLINCHED at the sight of blood on the camera as the Panorama special In The Line Of Fire opened on Sunday night.
The prince, 66, flinched as Zephyr the bald eagle - mascot of the Army Air Corps - tried to fly off while being shown to the Duke and Duchess of Cornwall at Norfolk's Sandringham Flower Show.
The boy blew off part of his own jaw after he flinched when pulling the trigger on his dad's legally owned shotgun at around 2am last Sunday.
"If any of us flinched, or tried to cover up, he would hit us across our privates with his stick.